Black X Energy


My dashboard is filled with nothing but girls that I know off tumblrand girls who own a tumblr account that I don’t know shit about, but due to the tumblrsgirls blog, I’m seeing them & their nudities.

Now, I have a question…..

I don’t mean to sound rude, bitchy, forward, whatever, but, what does tumblr do to you that triggers the thought of posting a half/fully nude photo? Is it because you’re crushing on a certain someone that follows you or you just like that kind of attention? I’m assuming your the type that enjoys refreshing your tumblr page, expecting as many likes as possible just to feel wanted, hmm? But wait, hol up, once you see a reblog you get hyped & go see what that person had to say, correct? I mean, you usually expect something nice from your fellow “friends” but what about those that don’t know you but follow you because your blog is appealing to them? You ever thought about what they have to say? I’ve recently said “no matter how many followers you have, not ALL of them LIKE YOU.” What if they reblog insulting the living shit out of you, then what? You gunna go ahead and start some tumblr beef & give a false speech about how you want to be a model? Then what’s next? You gonna go ahead and delete that one post knowing that the picture being reblogged has landed on somebody else’s page? Now causing a huuuuuge scene on tumblr that catches peoples eyes and then hey! guess what?! You’ve reached your goal. You have now gained yourself 6 new followers. :)


It’s cool in your eyes for “your people”, that you speak to on a regular, see your “sexiness” & stuff, but do you know the image you putting off to the hundreds of viewers watching? I mean, I doubt you care, because not only do y’all do it once, you do it twice & again and again. Is this some sort of innocent tease you trying to pull off? As if “It’s okay” since It’s a blog… ?

Hmmm, that’s like saying, it’s passable to post your nudity’s on TUMBLR but when a nigga on AIM hit you up saying “yo, where the goods at? Lemme see what you workin with.” Don’t hit him off with the “you fuckin douche bag!” comment because remember, this is the image that you, the person that takes flicks, saves, edits, re-size, posts, labels & sends, is setting off.

In conclusion my little whore-moans, If your going to be showing your goodies off in order to receive compliments and likes, expect the worse to happen. Your closest friends CAN become your worst enemies & will sooner or later use that ONE pic to invent some shit to try his or her best to demolish you. Be careful with what you post, you’d be surprised who’s watching.

4 years ago